The North Tigers set the example and get vaccinated against COVID-19

The North Tigers have decided to lead by example and get vaccinated against COVID-19. Now they invite their followers to follow suit.

“We enthusiastically decided to receive COVID-19 vaccines for the health and well-being of ourselves, our families, and we hope that all of our fans will join us,” the band said in a statement issued Thursday night.

“The faster we all get vaccinated, the sooner our loved ones will be better protected, and we can start coming together again to celebrate our music, our culture and much more,” he added.

The famous norteño music band also showed their vaccination process in a video that was released in recent days. The latter, its members speak in a combination of English and Spanish.

“I hardly felt anything,” said the vocalist of Los Tigres del Norte.

Truly I hardly felt, I hardly felt anything. I felt happy, ”says vocalist and accordionist Jorge Hernández in the video after receiving the vaccine. “We have to be sure that we are well, that we have the opportunity to be safe.”

“What I can say to the peasants, to the countrymen, is that it is very very important to receive the injection and not be afraid, because the healthier you are, the healthier you will feel,” says the bassist and vocalist. Hernán Hernández.

The video was produced by Los Tigres with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Ready California program.

“This COVID crisis has taken away many of our loved ones too soon and has kept us isolated from the rest of our families for a long time,” Los Tigres del Norte said in their letter on Thursday. “Fortunately, there is a very clear path for us to move towards a better tomorrow, together again, getting vaccinated.”

With information from The Associated Press

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