The Montaner family will premiere reality show, they begin to record in Miami

The Montaner family decided that it is time to show the intimacy of their home through a reality show in which Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky and Evaluna Montaner participate.

According to the patriarch of the family, Ricardo Montaner, fDue to the pandemic they decided to take up this idea, which they had already thought about.

The pandemic made us revive the expectations of doing a program together and thus being able to communicate to people that message of what we feel that family unity means.

We want to communicate that one can be happy in the midst of circumstances, despite anything and the threats that surround us, ”Montaner said in a statement.

The reality show, which began filming this week in Miami, will be more of a kind of documentary series without a script, with the participation of Camilo, husband of Eva Luna, as well as Sara escobar, Mau’s wife, and Ricky’s fiancee, Stefi roitman.

The company NTERTAIN, founded in early April by Lex borrero, will be in charge of carrying out the production of the Montaner family reality show.

The Montaner series will follow the evolution of the love stories, careers and conflicts of the successful family while balancing the maintenance of their Christian values ​​and their rock & roll dynamics, ”said NTERTAIN.

So far, the release date of the Montaner family’s reality show is unknown.

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