The moment David Letterman licked Jennifer Aniston’s hair

“Sinister” is how Jennifer Aniston fans have cataloged a video in which host and comedian David Letterman licked Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

Although not recent, the material came to life on the Internet and has quickly become a trend.

This is an interview from 1998, when the comedian was driving The David Letterman Show and in it you can see how he tells Jennifer to forgive him, but that he has to do something.

Immediately the images show how David Letterman sucked Jennifer Aniston’s hair and in the background the surprise of the guests on the program is heard.

“I want to try something”, Letterman tells the actress of projects like Friends and then approach her neck and suck her hair, while Aniston asks “What are you doing?”

After sucking her hair, Letterman hands her a paper to dry, while the audience continues to be shocked and later, Letterman blames Aniston for “ruining her moment.”

Although the incident happened 23 years ago, fans have commented on it on social media.

Some fans wrote comments such as: “How sinister and disturbing is Jennifer Aniston’s video on the Letterman Show,” “This 1998 interview is still grotesque to watch” and “’Why did David Letterman suck Jennifer’s hair? Aniston? It confuses me”.

This video, among others by David Letterman, have emerged, after the documentary Framing Britney, which talks about how the media have treated famous women.

Why do they point to David Letterman as misogynistic and harassing his interviewees?

This video emerged after other Letterman interviews were also revived in recent days, including one to Lindsay Lohan, who does not stop questioning if he has drug abuse problems, although Lindsay is very uncomfortable on the subject and tries to change the conversation several times.

The interview with Lindsay Lohan took place in 2013, when the singer and actress was 26 years old and was promoting scary Movie 5.

Here we leave you the video of David Letterman with Jennifer Aniston, as well as the reactions of users in social networks and the video of the interview of Lindsay Lohan.

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