The millionaire figure that Amazon will put for the series The Lord of the Rings

Amazon wants to relive one of the most successful film sagas of all time, “The Lord of the Rings” (The Lord Of The Rings) made millionaire profits with the three films and Spin-Ups they released about the adventures of Frodo and his friends.

Meet the millionaire figure that Amazon will invest for the series of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

That is why Amazon Studios, the cinematographic division of Jeff Bezos will invest 465 million dollars in the first season of the series “The Lord of the Rings” (“The Lord of the Rings“), produced by the Spanish JA Bayona.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she was the one who reported the money invested in the series, which was will shoot in New Zealand and will relive different landscapes that have appeared throughout the three films.

“I can say that Amazon is going to spend 465 million dollars in a single season. It’s fantastic, it really is. It will be the biggest television series ever made, ”New Zealand’s Minister of Tourism and Economic Development Stuart Nash said during a radio interview.

There will be at least five seasons of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

A government report advanced Amazon plans to film five seasons in the country and include the possibility of adding a Spin-Up if it is successful.

In comparison, another of the most expensive series in history, “Game of Thrones”, invested about 100 million dollars per season, so it’s nothing compared to the project Jeff Bezos has in mind.

More than 1,200 actors will participate in the series

The series of “The Lord of the rings” is already in the production phase, employing more than 1,200 people and with a tax refund estimated at more than 100 million dollars.

The plot will be set thousands of years before the events narrated in “The Hobbit” and in the JRRTolkien story, which was turned into a movie trilogy.

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