The figures imposed by the second season of the series

The second season of Luis Miguel It has been a resounding success with only three episodes revealed, where part of the singer’s story and the relationship he had with his family are told.

What’s more, the appearance of new characters and gallants has made this story in the conversation on social networks assiduously, so thanks to the success obtained, Luis Miguel’s second season has broken some records.

The first season left fans raving

Let us remember that in the first installment in the series Luis Miguel left us with our mouths open, since he brought us passages that we did not know about his life, his romances and above all, how he was accumulating success until his maturity.

It should be noted that some of the passages have been fiction and they do not adhere to the reality that Luis Miguel has lived, but this has not mattered much to his fans, who have received the melodrama of his life very well.

Luis Miguel: The figures imposed by the second season of the series

On the other hand, the company Human Connections Media (HCM) shared the study called “El Fenómeno Luis Miguel”, to show the media and digital impact that the Netflix series has had between 2018 and the first months of 2021.

According to the study of the HCM, in the months before the program began, an average of 50 mentions were made at the global level of the Luis Miguel series, however, this number quintupled once the series began.

But if this seemed too much to you, once the first season came to an end, mentions increased even more, that is to 900 and this, thanks to the melodrama that existed between Luis Miguel and his father Luisito Rey.

The second season raised the number of mentions to Luis Miguel

For the second season, Human Connections Media points out in its study that the press mentions prior to the premiere of the second batch of episodes reached almost 250.

This is a much higher figure compared to 50 that placed the media in the first season in the beginning.

But that’s not all, when they were released the first two chapters of the 2nd season, the mentions in media and networks were approximately 3 thousand 600, a number they didn’t expect.

Neutral, it does not mean that I do not like the Luis Miguel series

In addition, according to this agency, the positive mentions (combining the period before the premiere and the launch day) on the first installment reached 11% while the negative ones barely touched 2% and the neutral opinions were with 87%.

For the second season, positive mentions increased to 14% and the negatives rose to 10%, but the neutral perception was 76%.

These numbers mean that A majority sector waited with a bit of anger for the premiere of the second seasonDue to the complex family bond Luis Miguel has in his life.

Luis Miguel begins to make noise in other countries

Besides, the term “Luis Miguel” only generated noise in the American continent in the United States, Mexico and the rest of the American Continent, but in Europe, countries like Spain were attentive to what was happening not only with the series, but with the singer in general.

But how Luis Miguel’s popularity can cross any border, other countries such as Canada and Australia They have joined the trend of the ‘Luis Miguel Phenomenon’, along with some more from the Middle East.

In this way, According to HCM, Non-Hispanic Public Interest Has Increased by 5%, so they are quite positive numbers and even some of them were not expected.

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