The famous Mexicans candidates for positions in politics

This 2021 in Mexico elections will be held for different positions. It is so, that many political parties decide to recruit celebrities who are candidates for political office.

Whether they are actors, singers, athletes, etc, no party is saved from choosing a famous person for these positions, as they hope that their charisma and influence will be enough to win the election.

And there are not a few people with fame who dabble in politics, since there are countless of them who have been from deputies to governors. One of the most modern examples is that of Cuauhtémoc Blanco as governor of Morelos.

Which celebrities are seeking to be candidates for public office?

With more than 3,000 popularly elected positions at stake, many names will not be known on the ballots, so the parties will seek that the names of some of these people give them the necessary votes to keep the position.

These are the celebrities who will run in 2021 or who are registered as pre-candidates.


Gabriela goldsmith (actress): she registered as a candidate for the Federal Council of the 24th District of Naucalpan.

Enrique Garay (sportscaster): Candidate for mayor of Huixquilucan.

Sergio mayer (Actor): Seeks reelection as a deputy.

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)

Patricio Zambrano: He will seek to be a deputy to District 3 of Monterrey with the PRI and PRD.

Raul Alcala (ex-cyclist): He wants to be a federal deputy for Nuevo León.

Arturo Carmona (actor): He is also seeking to be a Deputy for Nuevo León.

Jorge “Naughty” Arce (former boxer): Will seek to be a local Deputy in Sonora.

National Action Party (PAN)

Rommel pacheco (Diver): the Olympic medalist will seek the federal deputation for District 3 of Mérida Yucatán with the PAN.

Lupita jones (former Miss Universe): will seek the governorship of Baja California. He goes for the PRI-PAN-PRD coalition.

Bibi Gaytan (former singer and actress): She is a candidate for mayor of Ocoyoacac in the State of Mexico.

Another famous Mexican politics! Bibi Gaytán goes for PAN candidacy

Citizen Movement and Green Party

Paquita of the neighborhood (Singer): will seek to be a local deputy of Misantla Veracruz.

Sugey Abrego (host): candidate for mayor of Benito Juárez in Mexico City.

Progressive Social Networks (RSP)

Alfredo Adame (TV host): Candidate for federal deputy for the 14th district of Tlalpan.

Alfredo Adame
Alfredo Adame is one of the most popular television hosts in Mexico.

Hector Hernandez (Singer): the former vocalist of the Blue Angels is a candidate for mayor of Iztapalapa.

Darkness (Fighter): At first it was Blue Demon, Carístico and Tinieblas who were registered as pre-candidates; However, only El Gigante Sabio was left with the candidacy and Venustiano Carranza will seek mayor.

Solidarity Encounter Party (PES)

Ernesto D’Alessio (actor): he is currently a federal deputy and will seek either a local council, municipal presidency or the governorship of Nuevo León.

Omar zeron (commentator): He is a candidate for federal deputation for District 01, corresponding to the municipality of Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo.

Adolfo Bautista (ex-footballer): will look for a federal deputation for Jalisco.

Amaury ponce (former soccer player): Candidate for deputation for Nayarit

Vicente Fernandez Jr. (singer): Seeks to be a local deputy for Jalisco.

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