The ex-actress Bibi Gaytán goes for the PAN candidacy

Bibi Gaytan joins the list of celebrities who are looking for a popularly elected position in the next elections in Mexico; the artist registered as PAN candidate for mayor of Ocoyoacac.

The Organizing Electoral Commission of the National Action Party (PAN) in the State of Mexico, accepted the pre-candidacies for several municipalities, including that of the former actress and singer Silvia Gaytán Barragán, better known as Bibi Gaytán.

And it seems that the Capetillo Gaytán family has a very particular interest in governing the municipality in which they live, because in 2018, Eduardo Capetillo, husband of Bibi Gaytán, sought to be mayor of Ocoyoacac for the PRI; however he lost.

The famous Mexicans candidates for positions in politics

Bibi Gaytán is one of the celebrities who are looking for a position in the 2021 elections, as is the case of the Darkness, Caristic and Blue Demon Jr fighters.; as well as José Luis Sánchez Solá “Chelis”(Commentator and soccer coach), Lupita jones (former Miss Universe) and Alfredo Adame (TV host) among several more.

This year’s elections in Mexico will be held on Sunday, June 6, where deputies and mayors from different municipalities will be elected, as well as some governors from various states of the Mexican Republic.

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