The director of ‘Luca’ reacts to the comparisons of ‘Call me by your name’ (exclusive)

When you make a period piece about a magical summer you spent in Italy and when you were a child experiencing a life-changing relationship Y you name the main character Luca, comparisons with director Luca Guadagnino Call me by your name they were unavoidable. And on the surface, Disney and Pixar Luca it has all those things in common.

What was perhaps least expected was that the memes were compared Luca to a mix of Call me by your name and his partner from the Oscars, The shape of water, considering young people in Luca they are actually sea monsters.

“We were a bit surprised. As much as Luca Guadagnino is quite impressive, I love his films,” director Enrico Casarosa tells ET with a smile. “We always look at this a lot in that time before boyfriends and girlfriends and before romance.”

Luca de Casarosa (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) is an infinitely curious sea monster fascinated by the life of freshwater sailors. When he befriends another sea monster, Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer), the two disguise themselves as humans and infiltrate the Italian seaside town of Portorosso. Together with a local girl named Giulia (newcomer Emma Berman), the friends experience a gelato summer, scooter rides, and some life-changing sea monster antics.

However, unlike those other movies, there is no romance between humans and sea monsters. There is no queer romance. There is no romance at all.

“And we had to defend that, because in the middle of this trip, people were saying, ‘Well, make it a real triangle.’ But we just wanted it to be about friendship, “says Casarosa.” I feel like we have wonderful movies that deal a little more after puberty, where there is puppy love and the romantic side. It wasn’t something that was part of the DNA of this. Be a little more in that initial stage of trying to find yourself. But I appreciate that people can read any kind of weirdness and strangeness of these characters, that I hope there is something universal for everyone to learn. “

Luca It will air exclusively on Disney + on June 18. On Thursday, the studio released the official trailer for the film. Look up.


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