The creator of 31 Minutes dies of coronavirus: Armando Jofré

The creator of 31 Minutes, Armando Jofré, died of coronavirus.

Juan Carlos Bodoque, Tulio Triviño, Raúl Guantecillo and Policarpo, among others, have been left without their 44-year-old “father”.

The death of the Chilean artist was announced through the same Twitter account of the 31 Minutes program.

Today is a very sad day for 31 Minutes, Armando Jofré, manufacturer of puppets of the series, from our origins, has died at the age of 44, a product of COVID-19 ″, they said on Twitter.

Outside of 31 Minutes, Armando Jofré, who died from the coronavirus, also did personal projects.

Various media have reported that he made a puppet for his niece, who was teaching online.

31 Minutes is a Chilean television series owned by Álvaro Díaz, Pedro Peirano and Juan Manuel Egaña.

Made with puppets, the program focuses on a news program, whose presenter is Tulio Treviño.

The notes that are presented in the program are educational, without losing sight of comedy and even criticism of the authorities.