The best Bad Bunny hits for your Christmas playlist

To say that Bad Bunny has had a meteoric rise in the music scene in recent years does not do justice to what the Puerto Rican reggaeton player has achieved.

An agile performer, an eclectic style icon, and an accomplished musical artist in every respect, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter has had an enviable 2020. He has landed the cover of Rolling Stone, won a Latin GRAMMY and two Billboard Music Awards. Earlier this year he released two critically acclaimed albums (YHLQMDLG Y The ones that were not going to leave), and even found time to record a third album, which shows why he’s one of the biggest music stars in the world right now.

On Wednesday, Bad Bunny surprised fans with throwing the cover and tracklist from their unexpected but very welcome third album of 2020, The Last Tour of the World (The last tour of the world). He also shared an Instagram teasing video the new project with the legend “Tomorrow at midnight.”

While we patiently wait for new music to come out, we’ve selected nine essential Bad Bunny songs that should be a part of any playlist.


The latest from Bad Bunny finds him teaming up again with Jhay Cortez for a decidedly laid-back, yet still punchy vibe on “Dakiti.” The kind of song that would have had us all dancing and singing in a club, “Dakiti” has an electronic sound that blends well with its reggaetonic sensibility. Released on October 30, the song debuted at number nine on the US Billboard 100, as well as number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart, the first in chart history.

“I Perreo Alone”

Dreamed by Benito as a hymn for those who want to dance (or rather, “twerk”) alone, the YHLQMDLG The single found him taking his message even further with the video, where he donned a tight red vinyl miniskirt and matching thigh-high boots, as well as a completely battered mug. The song gained further exposure with a remix featuring Nesi and Ivy Queen.


Voiced by Ricky Martin, this 2018 single offers an inspiring message about the inherent worth we all have. Already playing with gender acting, the video for “Caro” had him get a manicure before being replaced by model Jazmyne, who sported Benito’s shaved head and mimicked all of his movements during the video.


The second single from Bad Bunny’s first album, 2018 X 100pre, was a collaboration with Canadian rapper Drake. It was also the first of Benito’s songs to enter the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The hit single finds the two artists singing about a woman everyone can adore but who promised to be all his: “ Tell him that you are mine, mine. You know ‘that you are mine, mine’.


The first single Bad Bunny released below X 100pre It was a collaboration with Puerto Rican producer Tainy. Like many other Benito songs, “Callaíta” found Puerto Rican singers dreaming of a woman with her lyrics that, as the song’s title suggests, may be (or could have been) the quiet type but is now nothing less. than the life of the party.

“We are fine”

Bad Bunny’s ability to use his vulnerability as inspiration for his lyrics is perhaps best shown in “We Are Well.” A response to his meteoric rise to fame, as well as a way to honor those affected by Hurricane Maria, as he did during his appearance on Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the uptempo rhythm of the Latin trap was an opportunity for Bad Bunny to assure everyone that he is good and that everyone else will be too.


In many ways, “Amorfoda” is an atypical case among Benito’s discography. Far from the Latin trap and reggaeton rhythms that characterize his most successful hits, this 2018 single is instead a sweeping piano ballad about heartbreak, aptly released after Valentine’s Day. Raw and correctly focused on Bad Bunny’s tender voice, the song is a glimpse into a different side of the singer.

“The song”

As the entirety of this list attests, Bad Bunny’s art has nurtured many fruitful collaborations. Case in point: this single from collaboration Oasis album, where Bunny and his colleague reggaeton superstar J Balvin sing about that nostalgic feeling you feel when you listen to a song that captures a whole relationship. The rhythm of the humming is visually reflected in his video in which Balvin and Bunny sing at an old-school dance club.

“I like”

No Bad Bunny hit list would be complete without this Cardi B banger. Featuring a sampling of the 1960s classic “I Like It Like That,” which had been revived in the 1990s, this hit from Cardi (also with J Balvin) was the perfect blend of old and new, ushering with aplomb to the arrival of three powerful artists in full command of their artistic powers.


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