‘The Bachelor’: MJ vows to ‘stay a bad bitch’ as ​​Matt James sends her home for bullying behavior

Matt James said goodbye to MJ on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, show that bullying behavior just doesn’t fly in its season. The 29-year-old eliminated MJ after an impromptu two-on-one date with her and Jessenia before the rose ceremony, where MJ promised to “remain a bad bitch.”

Last week’s episode of The Bachelor she saw Matt confront MJ for being an “antagonist” in the house, which Jessenia had caught her eye. He cited MJ’s attitude towards the new contestants, and MJ’s use of the terms “varsity” and “JV” to refer to the different groups.

MJ refused to admit to any bullying behavior, and instead told Matt that she preached “peace and harmony”. She continued to “lead by example” on Monday’s episode, while verbally spitting at Jessenia and calling her a “bitch” at the camera.

“My heart is so big, and I’m trying to show you that every second I have with you. And the fact that Jessenia said she was creating this division in the house while trying to bring everyone together – I’m mentally and emotionally drained,” he told her. MJ to Matt as he pushed her aside to get to the bottom of the drama. “And then putting my character into question, that hurt more.”

“I’m just trying to show you who I am, and to know that, someone can say a damn thing, like, I had to overcome so many fears this week, and right now my biggest fear is losing you. I hate crying, God. I’m shaking,” he continued. “I never lied. And at the end of the day, I know you need a wife who preaches for harmony and peace and who doesn’t break each other. I would never do that. I don’t believe in it. It’s not me.

Matt told MJ that “that has not been my experience with you”, but that he would have to think about his decision.

“I’m going to continue to be a bad bitch. This is not going to shake me at all,” MJ promised while talking to the camera, before Matt made up his mind.

“MJ, our connection is undeniable. And I felt that from the first time we spoke. And I really enjoyed all of our moments together, being real. Jessenia, you said from Night One that you wanted someone to be your rock, you were willing to be that, and sorry, “Matt said. “MJ, I can’t give you this rose.”

“I can’t believe this happened,” MJ admitted on their car ride home. “He’s still a great guy. I want the best for him, and it’s disappointing that he didn’t see it in me. My heart hurts. I don’t know how he did this. He sabotaged me. That sucks, but Jessenia was petty. I hope it happens. account. I think the girls in the house will be surprised. “

In an interview with ET last week, Matt said it was “difficult” to see the harassment going on in the house.

“You want to think you know what’s going on, but you really have no idea,” said Matt, who eliminated Anna and Victoria last week following the bullying allegations. “You only know what you know and when that information becomes clear to you, that’s when I had to act.”

Matt confessed that Michelle may be the only contestant that he is certain was not involved in any negative behavior around the house, and said he expects “the worst” from Victoria in Women Tell All.

“I hope that at this point, looking back at him, you better understand his actions and maybe be responsible for some of the insults and so on,” he said. “But, sadly, the bar is very low.”

“But I am hopeful. I would like to be pleasantly surprised, but I will manage my expectations there,” he added.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm ET / PT on ABC.


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