The actor from the series ‘Succession’ who tries to win over Kim Kardashian

Now what Kim Kardashian officially presented that she wants to divorce Kanye West, the suitors began to float to try to persuade the model to have a new relationship and an act of the famous series “Succession” already raised his hand.

Who is the actor from the series ‘Succession’ who tries to conquer Kim Kardashian on Instagram?

Actor Nicholas Braun, best known for playing Cousin Greg in the “Succession” series, saga that deals with the story about the Roy family, has just published a three-minute video on Instagram in which he shows his intentions.

In the video, Nicholas Braun is sympathetic to the difficult situation Kim Kardashian is currently going through, and did not avoid throwing a “proposal” to the model for a future relationship.

“She has already been married three times, and the question is if at this point, she would be willing to give love a chance. Would I be open to meeting someone new, someone completely different? ”Asks the interpreter in the recording.

For Nicholas Braun, Kim deserves a man of great height

In your opinion, the right man for Kim right now would be a tall guy, but coincidentally, Braun is almost six feet tall, also, that he was able to make her laugh and have fun with her.

“Maybe a guy who talks about you on the internet. A guy who dares to make a video like this because he’s trying to find a way to talk to you and he doesn’t know anyone who knows you, ”Braun said.

On the other hand, Nicholas, who is 32 years old, eight years younger than Kim, had this detail for the socialite and he hopes she sees it for an answer.

No response from Kim Kardashian

For now, It has not transpired if Kim is one of the many fans of “Succession”, but the truth is that she does not have any actor on her sentimental resume.

Previously, Kim Kardashian has been married to music producer Damon Thomas, basketball player Kris Humphries and Kanye West, with whom he has four children.

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