Thalía is criticized for doing the Silhuoette Challenge: “she is no longer old”

Thalía decided to join the TikTok trend and did her own version of the Silhouette Challenge. But the critics did not wait. “He is no longer old” said some. He also received comments such as: “Grandma Thalía” or “Let Tommy (Mottola) see this and if he divorces you”.

But without a doubt, the video of the actress also had her positive comments, since thousands of her fans praised how pretty she looks at 49 years old.

“But what a great body, you look 20”, said one of his fans.

Thalía is criticized for doing the Silhuoette Challenge
Image: TikTok @thalia

Thalía is a loyal follower of fashion apps, TikTok is one of them

The singer likes to stay fashionable by following all the new trends on social media. TikTok is no exception. Thalía has become a regular uploading funny videos in this App. And while the average TikTok audience is closer to her children’s age than hers, Thalía doesn’t care. In fact already has 6.5 million followers in this app.

That is why now she decided to join the fashion challenge, the Silhouette Challenge. This consists of posing in the frame of a door, initially with clothes, for minutes later to show a sensual figure with little clothes, with a red illumination.

Thalía is criticized for doing the Silhuoette Challenge
Image: TikTok @thalia

In the case of the actress’s video, she wanted to do your video in a fun way. He is first shown finishing brushing his teeth, wearing trouser pajamas and a long-sleeved silk shirt. Minutes later she shows her slim figure in what appears to be underwear and framed by a red light. But the most curious thing about his video is that in the end he seems to lose his balance when he poses in a sensual way in the doorway of his bathroom.

“I love this trend but I always fall for it !!!”, writes the singer.

You can see Thalía’s video here:


I love this trend, but I always fall for it !!! 🤣🤣🤣😂🙈🙈🙈

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