Tessica Brown is not just the ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’: her message to the Internet (exclusive)

Tessica Brown had no intention of going viral, she was simply asking for help. Earlier this month, the 40-year-old Louisiana native posted a TikTok video for tips on how to remove Gorilla Glue spray adhesive from your hair.

“I was never going to take this to social media. The reason I took this to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” said Brown ET’s Melicia Johnson emotionally. “And I know someone could have told me something. I didn’t think for a second when I woke up the next morning that it was going to be everywhere.”

As she was in a hurry and leaving her house, Brown used the product on her hair after running out of hairspray – a decision, she admitted, that she “definitely” regrets. The mother of five revealed that she had used the industrial strength adhesive before (though never on her hair) and believed she could “wash it off right away.”

A week after spraying Gorilla Glue on her hair, she realized there was a problem. After using olive oil, tea tree, and other oils to remove the spray, she turned to social media for help.

The next morning, he decided to go to the emergency room at St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana, where medical professionals tried to remove the glue with “little packets of acetone.” She denied reports that she spent 22 hours in the emergency room. Meanwhile, her video asking for help went viral. Scrutiny, criticism, and the subsequent name “Gorilla Glue Girl” followed.

Brown, who owns Tessica’s Little Angels daycare and runs the Dazzling Divaz dance team, quickly became a target for jokes and unwanted attention. Now it has taken its toll on him and he admitted that he wishes he had never posted the video.

“I told my son today, ‘I wish I could go back,’ because I’m over it. I’m over it,” he said. “Usually I’m the person who doesn’t care what people say. I just move at my own pace. I don’t care what people say, but it’s getting to the point where people are on TV. saying things about me. “

“If you knew me, you wouldn’t say half the things they’re saying,” he continued, adding that he didn’t post the video to get attention. “Then someone said, ‘Oh, he put that on his head on purpose to get here.’ Who in their right mind would say, ‘Well let me sprinkle this on my head and become famous overnight’? Never! … Who would want them to do that? I needed someone to tell me how to get this off, that’s all. “

Brown reiterated that he is already struggling with his business amid the coronavirus pandemic and “did not need this.” Even her daughters have had to deal with unwanted media attention and read news about her on the internet.

“[The news] put a photo of me bald, which was not me. [My daughter] I had to deal with it yesterday. Teachers are talking about it, “he shared.” My little girl, you don’t want me not to comb her hair anymore. I said, ‘Let me comb your hair.’ She said, ‘You’re not combing my hair. But I think he’s joking and playing games, but he wouldn’t let me do it. “

Brown’s hair is coming down, but she said it “took a minute” to try to pull it out. Meanwhile, to help with his situation, he launched a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising $ 1,500. At press time, it reached over $ 16,000.

The money, he said, is for “the wigs that everyone tells me I’ll need. That’s why I always said, $ 1,500.” With the additional funding, you are talking to doctors about what you can do, as one of your biggest concerns is losing your hair completely.

“Of us reading about everything, and it’s done, it starts to happen. [I’m getting] extreme headaches, “he said of his symptoms.” And the [doctors] He said that by the time they take it all out or cut it off, it may have damage to the scalp and some parts may never grow back. “

But what hurts the most is being labeled Gorilla Glue Girl, a term coined by people online and which, according to her, not only bothers her, “it bothers my girls when they go to school.”

“My name is Tessica,” Brown said. “Every time someone posts something on social media, that’s it, my inbox floods. Don’t worry about this. Yeah, everyone can say that. This is what my mom keeps telling me: ‘Stop reading. the comments. But I can’t help it. I’m going to read them, and they still send me clips of what happened … It’s a lot, a lot, a lot, too much. “

The comments and posts are not all negative. Brown has received great support from celebrities and people who offer their help. Beyoncé’s longtime stylist Neal Farinah even offered her a wig, while celebrities like Missy Elliott and Chance the Rapper have defended it.

“I’m glad the mfs are supporting her with this,” Chance told her Twitter followers. “When I saw the video the second time, it was hard to laugh because I realized that Shorty really didn’t know that he had put one of the most powerful stickers in the world on his shit. I hope he recovers well.”

“Porsha [Williams], she wants to send me hair. Jess Hilarious, she and I talk every day as if we are friends, “shared Brown, adding that he wanted to make it clear that this is not why he posted the video.” A lot of people want to do my hair, but the reason he wasn’t taking it is because I don’t want people to say, ‘Oh, that’s why he did it.

As for the reports that he has hired an attorney and is weighing litigation against Gorilla Glue, he denied such claims. When her story went viral, the company tweeted a statement expressing condolences for her situation.

“We are aware of the situation and we are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Ms. Brown experienced when using our spray adhesive on her hair,” they tweeted. “We are pleased to see in your recent video that Ms. Brown has received medical treatment at her local medical center and we wish her the best.”

“I don’t understand what all the other things are coming from,” he said of the company’s statement and reports that it hired an attorney. “No. I’ve never said that. Again, I don’t know where this is all coming from because at this point everyone says it.”

At the end of the day, she admits, “I made a mistake” by using Gorilla Glue on her hair. When you think about the lengths it took to style your hair, you want people to know that you should never use Gorilla Glue on your hair.

“If everyone knew me, they would know that I would never, ever do anything for influence. If everyone knew me, they would love me. Whatever you say, call me, talk to me. I will talk to you. I would really talk to a lot of people. make it be, “he said, before sharing what he learned from the experience. “Go to the living room. Or if you don’t have what you need, don’t wear anything. It’s really not that serious.”

“I’m not all this Gorilla Glue girl, my name is Tessica Brown,” said Brown. “Call me. I’ll talk to you. I’ll let you know exactly who I am.”


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