Tessica Brown details her Gorilla Glue hair removal surgery and plans to give back (exclusive)

Tessica Brown can finally breathe in relief. The 40-year-old Louisiana native went viral after using Gorilla Glue as a hairspray and posting a TikTok asking for help on how to remove the spray adhesive from her hair.

Weeks after the incident and many attempts to rinse off the product, Brown is very grateful after she underwent a procedure to restore her natural hair.

“Really and truly, I was like, ‘Wow!'” Brown told ET’s Melicia Johnson after her procedure. The mother of five was flown to Los Angeles, where plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng removed the glue free of charge. “He’s everything! I thanked him and hugged him and thanked him. I just got back from my date a while ago, and we took a lot more pictures … I didn’t even know what else, like, what could I do for you?”

She believed that Dr. Obeng should have known how to remove the adhesive if he was willing to fly her to his offices. Brown is still scheduled to undergo another product on Friday and will be given some products to treat his scalp.

“There is some damage to my scalp and around the edges, but I still have hair,” shared Brown. “Hope the treatment keeps the small parts from falling out.”

Brown was sedated for the procedure and did not feel much pain at the time. “He told me I didn’t have to put myself into a deep sleep, but from the video I had seen, I heard myself speaking,” he said. “I had no idea what happened when this happened. I had no idea. So if it hurt, I don’t know. All I remember is getting up.”

He has since been told not to put any products on or do anything with his hair for the next six weeks.

“He said I can wear a wig. But he said as far as putting something on my scalp [nothing] for six weeks, “she said, before adding that Beyoncé’s longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah” said she’s coming to New Orleans and we’ll eat crawfish together and we’ll get a wig together. “

Brown had initially launched a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising $ 1,500 to buy wigs to help her situation. Since then, he has earned more than $ 21,000 and plans to donate some of the money to the families at St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana.

“As for GoFundMe, I’m going to buy myself a wig and I’m going to choose three families from St. Bernard Parish to help out. Because once again, we never thought this was going to be this way,” Brown explained. “And people still tell me it’s still active. I told my sister that we have to delete this and we have to delete it now. Whatever is there now, this is what I’m going to do with it, what I’m going to do. when I come home. “

“I love everyone at St. Bernard Parish, and most of them love me too,” he continued. “So I don’t even know who to pick, but I’ll pick three people. Because again, I never thought for a second that it was going to be that much because right now I think it’s like $ 20,000.”

Meanwhile, Brown previously told ET that she took TikTok to ask for help, but it was never intended to go viral over the mishap. She quickly became a target for jokes and unwanted attention, with many referring to her as “the Gorilla Glue girl.” At that moment, he emotionally confessed to ET that the whole situation had taken its toll on him and that he wished he had never posted the video.

“Don’t kick me when I’m down. Because again, when I woke up the next morning after making that video, I didn’t think for a second video [it would go viral]”, expressed during the last interview, before mentioning how his mother, a veteran spectator of the Wendy Williams Show, He called the daytime talk show to tell the host to “give my baby a break.”

“I got a message today and it was like, ‘You have to go watch the show,'” he recalled. “I’m sitting there like, ‘What, my mom on the phone with Wendy?’ [My mom said], ‘I know you go crazy with everyone who comes on the show. I watch the show every day, but my baby made a mistake, give it a break. ‘… Wendy, she was speechless, as if she didn’t know what to do. “

For now, Brown shared that she would be taking a break from social media, but is very grateful for everyone’s support.

“I thank you all. All of you. During this weekend I dedicate myself to thanking you all,” said Brown. “All the hate stuff, guess what? I’m going to thank you too. Thank you all because I’m good. I have hair, you know what I’m saying? I’m fine. Kill me, all he did was [make me stronger]. “

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