Stephen Colbert Questions Taylor Swift On Who ‘Hey Stephen’ Is Really About – Look!

Stephen Colbert has long been a fan of Taylor Swift, and after she released her re-recorded version of her album. Bold, the late show host welcomed him on the show. Mainly because I had a big pressing question.

“Hi Stephen! Thank you so much for finally inviting me on the show!” Swift said with a smile, joining Colbert from her recording studio.

“Listen, I just want to get this out,” Stephen said, addressing the elephant who sensed he was in the room: “Is the song ‘Hey Stephen’ about me?”

“No Stephen, I recorded that song for the first time in 2008. I think I was 18 years old?” Swift responded, adding, “While you were probably between 44 and 179 days, a couple of hours or so.”

“Wow, that’s surprisingly specific,” Colbert replied.

“Like I said, I am a big fan, “Swift replied with an unsettling seriousness in her voice.

When his show of knowledge about Colbert’s life was revealed, it became clear that the entire conversation was a joke, albeit well-acted, depicting Swift’s comic moment.

Swift explained that, to get into the same mental space she was in when she first recorded the song, she found her old mood board, which she revealed to be covered in images of Colbert, circa 2008.

Despite this, he continued to maintain that the song was not about him, eventually revealing his true inspiration.

“I wasn’t prepared for this to be an extremely hard-hitting interview … but if you really want to know the truth, and I’ve never revealed it to anyone, ‘Hey Stephen’ is about Stephen King,” Swift finally explained.

“He is amazing. The dark tower the series changed my life, besides The glow, the stand and don’t even get me started on his stories, “Colbert told an incredulous.” Absolutely luminescent. “

Regardless of who “Hey Stephen” really is, there’s no denying that Swift’s new recordings have changed the game. Watch the video below to learn more about Fearless (Taylor’s version).


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