Sofía Vergara surprises with video of everything she has not been able to use in 2020

Sofía Vergara shows on Instagram all the looks that he has not been able to use this 2020. The “Modern Family” actress decided to recreate a fun video that has become viral on TikTok.

It is about Tikka the Iggy, an Italian greyhound from Montreal, Canada who has become famous for wearing extravagant clothes. His most recent video, which shows all the looks that he has not been able to use in 2020 due to the pandemic, already went viral.

Sofía Vergara shows everything she likes and couldn’t use in 2020

Now the 48-year-old Colombian, recreated that funny video doing yours. Her video shows the cute outfits that she hasn’t been able to wear in 2020.

In the video, Vergara begins by saying, “I had so many cute and warm outfits planned for this year that I won’t be able to wear. So I just wanted to show you“.

The actress then proceeds to model a variety of stunning outfits from her Walmart collection, starting with the leopard print trumpet dress. The look was followed by a white embellished sweater, a tiger striped mock neck sweater, and a V-neck sweater.

As you model each piece, you simply say: “I love it, I couldn’t use it.”

This pretty much sums up the feelings of many more around the world who want to wear their cute looks this year. A Vergara follower wrote: “¡I am SO tempted to make my own version of this post! “

Meet the viral TikTok video of Tikka the Iggy

In the original post, the fabulous dog Tikka the Iggy models a number of different outfits. In the background, the funny voiceover by Lorena Pages. And although it only went up five days ago, it already has 4.7 million likes. The legend says: “So many sets. Maybe in 2021? “


So many outfits. Maybe 2021? 😩 #italiangreyhound #fallfashion #fyp #dogclothes

♬ original sound – Lorena Pages