Sofía Vergara surprises with a photo without makeup

During the last few days, the name of the actress Sofía Vergara has been a trend and recently the actress became it again, but this time for showing herself without any makeup.

From her social networks, the actress of Modern family showed how he wakes up every morning.

It was from her Instagram account, where she has more than 21.2 million followers, that the also model showed her face without cosmetics.

However, he did not upload a photo to his feed, but he did it from his stories and in them, he also took the opportunity to wish all and all his followers a good weekend.

In the picture, you can see him on the couch with his dog in his arms and a good cup of coffeeWell, she has said that as a Colombian she enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Although his face looks identical, there is a slight difference and is that the actress looks less tanned without makeup.

On more than one occasion, she has pointed out that when she began working in the United States, she was denied roles because she did not have all the stereotypes traditionally considered as Latino, including because she is naturally blonde.

In fact, she dyes her hair brown because it makes it easier for people to identify her as Latina.

This photo also proves that her skin tone is a little lighter than what we are used to seeing in her characters as an actress.

Here we leave you the photo of Sofía Vergara without makeup and with which she leaves no doubt that all her beauty is natural and we also share one with cosmetics, where she looks a little more tanned.

Sofia Vergara without makeupSofia Vergara without makeup
Image shared on your Instagram stories

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