Singer accuses Vicente Fernández of abuse

If it wasn’t enough the accusation against Vicente Fernández from a woman for touching her breast; now the singer Lupita castro He assured that he has evidence of harassment that he suffered from the artist.

And it is that after the forums and videos where the “Charro de Huetitlán” has touched women inappropriatelyIt seems that things will not stop there.

Well, the singer Lupita Castro and assured that she has been writing a book for about eight months and detailing his experience with Vicente Fernández, where it will show evidence of harassment and abuse by the artist.

She also assured that she has data, dates and many proofs to show that she is not lying and assured that Vicente Fernández did harass her.

“Vicente Fernández harassed me for a long time, but it did something more serious to me than that. My name is Lupita Castro. I’m a singer, I don’t want to take advantage of what is happening now. Eight months ago I started writing my book ”.

The singer assured that she told her story for a program in U.S, but it was never broadcast and he does not know why this happened.

Vicente Fernández apologized

After the harassment complaint of a woman who was Vicente Fernández touched his chest, the singer apologized although in a very unclear way that could be interpreted in another way.

“As I say, I do offer an apology, with all my heart, but I did not do it with intentionIf it was with intention, I won’t do it there, I’ll take her to the stables… But I don’t even remember how it happened ”.

“It hurts me, it doesn’t bother me, because I never gave rise to gossip. I was not a saint, but they never saw me.

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