Show Agenda: February 8 to 14

Do not miss the agenda of the shows that will take place the days before the Day of Love. Enjoy concerts, theater plays via streaming and premieres of series and films ideal to share with that special someone.

Agenda from February 8 to 14


February 12
Gilberto Santa Rosa concert

The concert is part of the Frontyard Festival and has the support of Orange County and the City of Orlando, Florida.
See here all the details so you can dance with the singer from Puerto Rico.

February 13th
Eddie Santiago in Tampa, Florida
At 9 pm at the Avalon Event Center
This is a perfect plan for Saturday the 13th, where there will be salsa and lots of fun

You can find all the details here.

February 14th
Ana Bárbara Concert
If you are a fan of the singer from San Luis Potosí, this event is perfect for you and to spend February 14 with your partner or friends. It will be held at the Pala Casino Spa Resort in Pala, California.
Find the tickets here.

Show Schedule from February 8 to 14

Latin America

February 8th
Soulmates- on Amazon Prime Video
Don’t miss the first season of this science fiction series. This occurs at a future time, 15 years from now, when science makes a life-changing discovery for everyone on the planet. Discover a way to find your soulmate through six exciting stories about the difficult cost of finding true love.
You can see the trailer here:

Backdoor- Season 2- on Amazon Prime Video
Backdoor is a creative, fun and uncensored space that breaks with traditional comedy. It has hundreds of comedy skits, which reflect the culture and diversity in Mexico in a very original and fun style. Now you can enjoy the second season of Backdoor complete, which will make you laugh by turning everyday situations with humor where you do not expect it.

Feb. 10
Big World News- Netflix
The latest film by acclaimed actor Tom Hanks will finally premiere on streaming. To find a home for an orphan girl, a Civil War veteran finds himself on a journey that will put both of them at risk.
You can see the trailer here:

February 12
Map of Tiny Perfect Things- Amazon Prime Video
Mark is a teenager who is very comfortable living the same day over and over again in a game of time. Everything changes when he meets the mysterious Margaret who is also trapped in time. Together they set out to find the little things that make that day perfect and they will have to find a way to escape this endless day, and decide if they want to.

To All The Boys: Forever- Netflix
Enjoy this romantic comedy that explores a modern love story. It’s the last year of school, with all that that means. Upon her return from a family trip to Korea, Lara Jean discusses her plans for the future, whether with or without her beloved Peter.
You can see the trailer here:

February 14th
Orgasms Streaming
Enjoy this comedy show via streaming. It is a successful work produced 14 years ago, but has now been renewed for the new platform. With Carlos Rivera and Laura Luz as protagonists. Comedy is a staging in which a comparison is made between the male and female points of view. Starts at 6 pm Find your tickets here

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