Sheryl Underwood Speaks Out After Sharon Osbourne’s ‘The Talk’ Leaving

Sheryl Underwood speaks for the first time since Sharon Osbourne left The conversationafter 11 seasons.

In a three part episode of her The world according to SherylThe podcast, titled “Sharon Walks Away,” Underwood told her co-hosts, Courtney Black, Vic Frost and Kyle Erby, that she hasn’t spoken to Osbourne since their heated debate.

“I’m sorry that it happened because sometimes in life something happens and you just say, ‘God, if I had.’ There’s nothing I could have ‘just would’. This was going to happen, out of my control,” he said. the 57-year-old comedian on the aftermath of the March 10 episode. “And coming back on Monday, April 12, in this situation, I know that many people are looking for many things … And for me, the current situation, we are learning a lot about ourselves.”

When asked if she had communicated with Osbourne since their argument, Underwood blatantly said, “No,” referring to Osbourne’s claims about getting close to her. “The problem for me is about trust and I don’t want to increase the talk in a negative way.”

CBS announced that Osbourne would be leaving the daytime talk show in late March after a heated discussion about racism in The conversation. Osbourne’s defense of her old friend, Piers Morgan, and her controversial comments about Meghan Markle, sparked an argument between her and her co-hosts. Osbourne said Morgan had a right to express her opinion, while Underwood argued that she “doesn’t want to understand how Meghan was treated for racism.”

Osbourne later apologized on Twitter “to anyone of color that I offended and / or anyone who is confused or disappointed by what I said.” The show was then discontinued, pending an investigation.

As for Underwood’s initial reaction to Osbourne’s departure from The conversation, She said, “There was a part of me that felt like I had to do what’s best for her and her family. She had to do what’s best for her life and I think a lot of people, some people were like, ‘You are a fool. wishing the best. ‘”

Between The conversation debate, that same week Holly Robinson Peete claimed that Osbourne was one of the reasons she was fired from The conversation after a season and accused her former co-host of calling her “too ghetto”. Leah Remini also accused Osbourne of calling her a “ghetto” and of making racial and gender insults towards Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert in a story published by journalist Yashar Ali. Osbourne denied all the allegations made by his former co-hosts.

Considering Osbourne as a friend, Underwood said that when he joined The conversation, “We were fast friends,” adding that he loves his family. “I automatically fell in love with her because I like her. And I heard things and I thought, ‘They have nothing to do with me. My thing is that I’m going to meet you first. “

“I still love the Osbournes, from what I’ve heard from them,” he said. “I know nothing more than what I have experienced with them, and this has happened disappointing me. And maybe people don’t want to hear me say, ‘I still love the Osbournes.’

“I’m not saying I would like to be treated the way I was treated. Let me be clear,” Underwood added. “I’m very disappointed, and I’m just trying to navigate my feelings about it because it was a trauma.”

Above all, Underwood admitted that she was disappointed “that it happened,” but it has been a lesson in learning. The conversation It will return from its pre-programmed hiatus with original episodes on Monday, April 12.


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