Selena Quintanilla’s family remembers her 26 years after her death

26 years ago the whole world was shocked by the death of the singer Selena quintanilla and today her family and her fans remembered her.

It will be necessary to remember that it was his then friend and worker, Yolanda Saldívar, who ended the life of the Texas-born star.

Through social networks, where they seek to keep alive the legacy of the interpreter of Mexican descent, her family remembered her with a short, but forceful message.

Remembering Selena’s life and legacy, ”they wrote in an Instagram post, where Selena has more than 1.3 million followers.

The video also shows a flower painted in neon, which alludes to one of Selena’s best-known themes: As the flower.

In this publication, which has quickly reached more than 88,000 views, fans have dedicated different messages to the queen of texmex.

“26 years later we are still dreaming of you, Selena”, “Always in our hearts. We will never forget your beautiful legacy ”and“ Selena will always touch our hearts with her music, her personality, achievements and much more. I cannot thank you enough for how much you have taught us and how you continue to inspire new generations. Selena lives ”, are some of the comments from the fans.

Even more than a quarter of a century after her death, Selena remains in the Billboard Top 5, has received posthumous tributes and inspired series and films that keep her image and her legacy alive.

How did Selena Quintanilla die 26 years ago?

Selena Quintanilla died on March 31, 1995, at the hands of her then friend, Yolanda Saldívar.

Yolanda, who at one point ran the singer’s fan club, cited the star in the Days Inn motel, in corpus Christi, where she was staying.

Selena had asked for bank records. Seeing that these were not complete, the singer returned the next morning, but alone.

The versions indicate that Yolanda Saldívar told Selena that she was raped, so the singer took her to the hospital, but the doctors discarded what Saldívar said.

Returning to the motel, they argued, Yolanda took a gun out of her bag, Selena tried to leave the room, but Saldívar shot her in the back, causing death.

Tell us what you think of the way in which they have remembered Selena Quintanilla 26 years after her death and how you celebrate the life of the artist.

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