Selena and Luis Miguel, the history of photography where they appear together

Selena is better known as the queen of Tex-Mex, an artist who crossed borders and who had a rise in popularity after her tragic death, which was caused by a gunshot by one of her fans, Yolanda Saldívar.

They were a couple? Selena and Luis Miguel, the history of photography where they appear together

In the short life of Selena Rumors always arose, one of the most popular is if he ever walked with Luis Miguel, since there are some shots where both artists appear together.

Remember that Luis Miguel and Selena met in the nineties, when their careers were on the rise and some pictures were taken together, as well as others with close friends.

Fans speculate that there was a relationship between the two artists

The speculation of some fans is that the singers could coexist on a recurring basis and even, having something more than a friendship and all this arose thanks to the Selena series that Netflix transmits.

In one of the photos that recently appeared on social networks, both singers come out embracing and smiling at the camera, and it is a shot that few know of its existence.

Who shared the photo of Luis Miguel and Selena?

The misterious The photograph was shared by the mother of the Mexican actress, Ana de la Reguera, but he did not give any explanation about this shot of Selena and Luis Miguel.

For this reason, fans have created crazy theories about it, even stating that the singers had a romance after meeting.

Even though the location of the photograph is unknown nor the year it was taken, both Luis Miguel and Selena maintained a friendship for several years, but it is not known if it went further.

Without more to say, we leave you a video of the live Tex-Mex queen:

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