Saweetie talks about reclaiming her year with new music and empowerment from the Icy Gang (exclusive)

Saweetie looks forward to a warm summer with her Icy Gang fandom. The 27-year-old singer has a lot going on and is opening up about what she learned last year and what she is preparing for the future.

The artist reflected on how a difficult 2020 has changed her mindset and perspective.

“I think I reflected a lot,” Saweetie told ET’s Melicia Johnson. “When you really look in the mirror and look at your imperfections and your weaknesses, what I like to do to become a better and stronger person, you start to notice many things that you would not have noticed if they were on the road, just constantly busy” .

With the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines bringing the entertainment industry to a standstill, Saweetie said she tried to use time as “an opportunity to reboot, reload and really cherish the moments.”

“I’m really working to live each moment and not worry about the past or the future, because once this moment is over, it’s over,” he shared. “I used to have a lot of bad FOMO, fear of missing something, and like I said, I just wasn’t living in my own moment.”

“So now when you are with me, I always have a good time, and I always try to make sure that whoever is around me is having a good time. Because, like I said, this moment is here,” he added. “So I try to let the past be the past, and not worry about mistakes or things I could have done better, just to really focus on the moment.”

The singer explained, “When you do that, you create a better future for yourself.”

So after a difficult year, which also included a high-profile split from her ex-boyfriend, Quavo, after three years of dating, Saweetie has her sights set on a fruitful future.

“I’m projecting a number one album,” he said, referring to his recent seven-track EP, Pretty Summer: Season 1 Playlist, what she feels “has allowed people to hear this new confidence, this new kind of art that I have been working on.”

He also anticipates “many more music videos” in the coming months.

As for your new music, Pretty Summer: Season 1 Playlist features collaborations with emerging and emerging talents that Saweetie hopes to elevate through their shared projects.

“When I first came out, I really didn’t have a lot of love and support. So I’m just giving what I want to be given,” he explained. “So I thought, ‘You know what? I’m listening to all these new artists and I’m going to share my platform with them because we all need help.’

“And if I can help, then I would love to do that,” he said, adding that he loves her. Nice summer playlist “to be a tradition”.

“Every year before summer starts, I will share my platform with new artists,” Saweetie said, clearly setting the stage for many futures. Nice summer playlist EP.

It is this level of support and shared platform that has established a particularly strong fanbase for the artist, a group of fans who refer to themselves as the Icy Gang, based on her hit single, “ICY GRL.”

“They love me through thick and thin,” he said of his fandom. “When it’s one of those days, they are out there defending me, and they do it with the pure love of their hearts.”

Saweetie explained that in her mind, her fans feel like “they are my little sisters, my little brothers, even some older sisters.”

“I have some older Icy Gang members that I never met in real life, but sometimes we text each other,” he shared. “The love is there, and I really support you all. So, I love you all.”

Between making new music and recording music videos, he is also working to expand his own brand, which includes working with Activision and Obligations in an upcoming video project.

“We are filming a [short] movie for Obligations, yeah, “joked the artist.” I am Icy’s pilot. “

“Honestly, in quarantine I felt that he shared a lot of my interests, and one of my interests was to play. I think. Obligations I just felt that there was a connection. Unfortunately, I’m not the best player, “she joked.” But I do what I can “.

Pretty Summer: Season 1 Playlist It is now available.


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