‘Saturday Night Live’: Britney Spears Accepts Apologies From Ted Cruz And Others On New Talk Show

Britney Spears is here to apologize. Chloe Fineman brought her amazing impression of Spears to the last Saturday Night Live cold open, hosting a new talk show, “Whoops, You Did It Again.”

“It’s Britney, bitch. You know me from my fun, upbeat Instagram videos and the word ‘curate,'” Fineman’s Spears said as she hosted her show, explaining that she started the series “so people could come over and apologize for the things that”. I have done wrong. “

“After the documentary ‘Free Britney’ came out, I get hundreds of apologies a day,” Spears continued. “I’d like to give a quick hello to our sponsor, the Notes App. Are you apologizing 20 years late? Please do your business with the Notes App!”

For her first guest, Spears brought in Texas Senator Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), who came out with tropical clothing, a cocktail, and a suitcase.

“I’m in some hot water, which I’ve been told that no one in Texas has,” said Cruz de Bryant of his controversial flight to the Bahamas amid his state’s natural disaster. “I am deeply sorry for my actions over the past few days, mainly flying with United.”

“I’m sorry, I’m pretty bad at human things,” Cruz added.

Other guests included Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson), who came out to apologize for his controversy over the countless COVID deaths in nursing homes. Previous Mandalorian Star Gina Carano (Cecily Strong) also sat down with Spears, but not to apologize but to defend her actions.

“I would never have made that Nazi comparison if I had known that everyone was going to be so Nazi about it,” Carano de Strong complained.

The cold opening comes immediately after the documentary developer Framing Britney Spears, which has galvanized support for the singer and encouraged people to reexamine how the star was treated in the media when she was younger.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Saturday night live airs live from coast to coast at 11:30 pm ET, 8:30 pm PT on NBC.


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