Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have the best reactions to receiving the COVID vaccine

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively love the vaccinated life! The 44 year old dead Pool star and the 33-year-old Gossip Girl The actress took to social media Wednesday to share photos of themselves receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

In Reynolds’ photo, he is wearing a pink beanie and white T-shirt as a nurse injects a needle into his left shoulder.

“I finally got 5G,” he joked in the caption.

Reynolds posted the same photo on his Instagram Stories tagged “Let’s get vaccinated,” writing: “Science is sexy. The hat? Maybe not.”

Reynolds tagged Jessica Malaty Rivera, leader of science communications at The COVID Tracking Project.

Lively was also delighted to get vaccinated and shared a photo of her receiving an injection. “I find you someone who looks at you the way I look at the heroic nurse vaccinating me đź’•”, captioned the Instagram photo.

Reynolds and Lively have been outspoken about following CDC guidelines and staying safe during the pandemic. In December, the Canadian actor wrote in his Instagram Stories: “My children will not see their grandparents this year at Christmas. Not friends, not uncles and aunts. It sucks. I take my hat off to so many others who do the same. same”.

Last month, Lively shared a time-lapse video of Reynolds helping her dye her hair in quarantine.

“That time I fucked my hairdresser,” he jokingly captioned the clip.


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