Ryan Reynolds after the COVID-19 vaccine: “I finally have 5G”

The actor Ryan reynolds joined the list of celebrities who have received the vaccine against COVID-19 in the United States, who joked when applying the drug.

And it is that there are few conspiracy theories that assure that COVID-19 and 5G technology have some relationship, as strange as it may seem.

Thus, taking advantage of this peculiar idea, Ryan Reynolds boasted the first dose of the vaccine with a singular message.

“I finally have 5G”

Ryan Reynolds joins the long list of celebrities who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, such as Anthony Hopkins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ian McKellen, Elvis Crespo And several more.

The famous Canadian knows how complicated the COVID-19 pandemic has been for many people, so together with his wife they donated about 1 million dollars between the two of them to the Feeding America Foundation and the Food Bank of Canada. With this they seek to leave their grain of sand to help those who need it.

Ryan Reynolds projects

Currently the American actor is awaiting his next projects, among which are Deadpool 3, although at the moment there is no record date or any other details.

On the other hand, he has been in Mexico recording commercials for the brand “Sabritas”, the most recent was next to Aislinn derbez.

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