Rose McGowan obtained the Mexican residency and does not plan to return to the US, so she fell in love with Mexico

The actress Rose mcgowan obtained residency in Mexico and has no plans to return to the United States.

Recently, during an interview on a show called The Dab Roast, the actress commented that she obtained residency, so we could consider her a Latina.

According to the actress of series like Sorceresses, Terror Planet Y scream, arrived in Mexico in early 2020 and contacted the Ministry of Foreign Relations immediately.

Through their social networks, Rose mcgowan has constantly shown his love for the country, the happiness he can achieve with his pets and even found love.

Rose McGowan assures that her residence in Mexico will be permanent

A few hours ago, through a transmission on her Instagram account, where she has more than 770 thousand followers, Rose McGowan gave more clues about her quality of life and what she likes about Mexico.

I am going to make Mexico my home of permanent residence. I’ve never done anything super permanent in my life, but I love it here.

It has nothing to do with the way the United States media present the country, ”said the actress.

According to the director, in Mexico she feels much safer, as she said that in the United States she felt persecuted for her accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

Remember that the actress was one of the pioneers in the movement MeToo and in denouncing the abuses of Hollywood.

Also, among the advantages of living in Mexico, where she obtained residency, Rose McGowan said that, unlike the United States, it is much cheaper.

It is beautiful where I live and not only did I move here because it is cheap, but it became a great advantage, “he said.

Rose McGowan enjoys her life in Mexico and told her followers that she hopes everyone has the same freedom that she currently has.

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