Rosalía’s incredible manicure inspired by the Mexican Lottery

Singer Rosalía is always a topic of conversation, not only because of her music, but also because of the colorful outfits that they usually wear in their presentations or any special occasion that warrants it.

Now, Rosalía made an impact on the world of social networks again, not for a new single or collaboration, but for an incredible manicure that was done in days gone by and is inspired by a Latin tradition.

Rosalía’s incredible manicure inspired by the Mexican Lottery

Turns out that Rosalia attended a professional manicure service, but the model she asked for exceeded any expectations and decided to put a unique model on her nails to look different from the others.

So much he wanted to surprise Rosalía who decided to wear an exclusive manicure design inspired by the Mexican Lottery, something that surprised all his fans on social networks.

What is the Mexican Lottery game?

The Mexican lottery is a game that is common in Mexico, since it is a challenge where each participant takes a board, another takes cards and announces a figure.

People fill in the boards as the figures appear until the table is completely filled. Whoever fills all nine boxes first wins.

That’s right, the interpreter of “With height” decided to be inspired by the game to create her new nail design and showed it through a story on Instagram.

The nails show different models of the Mexican Lottery

In the image, you can see Rosalía’s nails, which are adorned with different drawings such as the sun, the scorpion, the moon, the ladder, among others.

In the photo, Rosalía labeled the people in charge of doing this very Mexican manicure, it is about Yvett G, who is located in Sherman Oaks, California, which indicates that the Spanish was in the United States at the time this design was made.

In another story Rosalía shared a short video where she covers her face with her hands, so the design of her nails inspired by the Mexican lottery can be appreciated.

Do you like this new model of Rosalía’s nails?

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