Rock and Lucha libre; prepare streaming event

Lucha Libre AAA will join several rock groups to present a different event, in which through assistance by car or via Streaming can be enjoyed.

Rock y Lucha will be the name of this event, which will be attended by several stars of the Mexican wrestling company, as well as four bands from the national scene.

The event will be held in Mexico City on June 10, but can be observed anywhere in the world by purchasing a virtual ticket through Ticketmaster, which will cost 166 pesos (approximately $ 9).

For those who reside in the Mexican capital, you can enter cars with tickets from 1,680 pesos to 4,800 (88 to 252 dollars) and four to six people will be able to enter, depending on the car.

The confirmed bands for this event they are: Lost Acapulco, Chingadazo de Kung Fu, De Nalgas and Nana Pancha.

While the wrestling poster is next: Octagoncito and La Parkita vs Mini Psyco Clown and La Parkita Negra (initial fight). Lady Shani vs Hades (second fight). Argenis vs Tito Santana vs Mocho Cota Jr. (semifinal fight) and Octagón Jr. vs Texano Jr. (main fight).

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