Rihanna raises controversy for a top with the image of the God Ganesha

India is a country where deities or Gods are part of the most sacred of its culture, Any situation that threatens these images is a clear offense to the Hindu people.

Rihanna raises controversy in India for a top with the image of the god Ganesha

A new controversy broke out in India thanks to Rihanna, luego of the diffusion of an image where the artist is posing in toples for a lingerie advertisement, with shorts and a blouse of Ganesha, the most popular deity of the Hindu country.

The new controversy of Rihanna, who has 100 million subscribers on Twitter and 91.4 million on Instagram, It comes a few weeks after it provoked a strong reaction from the authorities for defending the farmers protesting against the agrarian reforms.

“It’s outrageous how @Rihanna shamefully mocks our beloved God #Ganesh,” tweeted Ram Kadam, MP for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationalist party.

“This shows that he does not respect Indian culture and traditions,” the Hindu politician continued.

They ask Twitter and Facebook to remove those images

The World Hindu Council (Vishva Hindu Parishad, VHP), a group attached to the ruling Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata (BJP), He said he had filed complaints for Twitter and Facebook to remove Rihanna’s image and take action against her accounts.

The Indian Foreign Ministry had criticized in early February Rihanna, among other celebrities, for “sensationalist” interfering in the country’s agricultural reform after she and Greta Thunberg tweeted about farmers’ demonstrations.

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