Rihanna attends protest to stop Asian hatred in New York City

Rihanna joins the fight against hate crimes against Asians. The singer and fashion designer took to the streets to add her voice to the cry of protest in New York City on Sunday.

The “Diamonds” singer appeared with her assistant, Tina Truong, and joined the #StopAsianHate march.

As seen in photos shared by Truong and others at the event, Rihanna went undercover with long braids, a cap, and a black mask. She kept warm in a black jacket and dark jeans.

During the event, the singer got into the spirit of the activist movement as she used markers to help make protest posters and walked the streets singing with the crowd.

Truong shared a photo and video slideshow from the event, giving fans a glimpse of Rihanna’s protests and encouraging others to join the cause.

“This is solidarity! #Stopaapihate #stopasianhate #callitahatecrime,” Truong wrote.

As Rihanna remained low-key at the event, many fellow protesters didn’t even realize it was her.

One fan captured a moment when a protester asked for her Instagram account after marching with her, only to be shocked when he found out who she really was.

There has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes and attacks against Asians against AAPI communities in the United States over the past year, with a dramatic increase in physical and verbal attacks across the country.

Numerous celebrities have called for legal intervention and public support, while raising awareness of the rise in hate crimes.


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