Ricardo Silva, interpreter of the theme of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is hospitalized

Everyone in our childhood wanted to see an episode of Dragon Ball Z on TV, the iconic series that starred Goku and Vegeta, and where they faced each other in epic battles against villains from other worlds.

Whenever we got home, a catchy song would appear on the screen containing a phrase that said “Chala head Chala”. That’s right, it was Dragon Ball Z and we all waited anxiously for the night to come to enjoy Goku’s adventures.

Ricardo Silva, interpreter of the theme of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is hospitalized

But today, we learned of a fact that left us with our mouths open, since through social networks, a statement was shared specifying that Ricardo Silva, the artist who interprets the song of Dragon Ball Z is hospitalized.

The message is accompanied by one of the famous verses of that song with which they began the chapters of the anime, which kept us glued to the TV for years.

Remember that the sagas of Frieza and Cell are the favorites of many children that grew up in the 90s and part of the new millennium.

It is not the only series where Ricardo Silva participated

That song with which it started Dragon Ball Z was interpreted by Ricardo Silva, in addition to translating other great songs from shows such as Digimon 2, Chip & Dale, Supercampeones and more iconic series.

During the night of February 3, a statement was released through Ricardo’s social networks in which it was reported that he is admitted to a hospital.

“We confirm that he is hospitalized, but stable. It was not our intention that they found out in this way, because the family is dealing with everything that entails ”, the publication reads.

It was not revealed what the voice actor suffers from

Although there is speculation about a possible contagion by COVID-19, in the statement it is not specified if it is about this.

Those close to Mr. Silva comment that they will send any news on the actor’s social networks.

“No matter what always happens, the spirit will keep,” says the end of the ad in reference to the well-known verse of the song “Cha-La Head Cha-La.”

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