Ricardo Crespo’s daughter receives insults in online transmission

The artist’s daughter Ricardo Crespo, who would have accused his father of abuse her sexually, received various insults during a live broadcast.

Valentina, monopolized the media, for a complaint filed against her father, whom she accuses of having abused her since the age of five. From the moment he only published an image on Instagram and then he did not make an appearance again.

However, the chain Univision revealed that the 14-year-old joined a live broadcast from Instagram, where her boyfriend and two friends were.

As soon as he entered the video, comments began to emerge, while some were supportive and concerned for his well-being; a wave of negative comments began to appear. The daughter of Ricardo Crespo received insults and accusations from several users, so he decided to leave the conversation.

Ricardo Crespo and his daughter speak after rape accusations

They were putting a lot of ‘hate’ on him. As since I got to the live, he got stupid, right? ”, The young woman would have commented, as reported by Univision.

Since that broadcast, Valentina has not returned to give any statement. This in addition to a couple of days ago, from the Mexican deputy Sergio mayerHe had invited her to the Mexican Congress to speak about her experience; However, the teenager decided to decline the invitation.

Ricardo Crespo is currently in preventive detention while the case against him is being developed, in which the minor has already testified.

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