Ricardo Crespo: Details of the accusation of rape against his daughter are revealed

After the artist Ricardo Crespo was arrested for the alleged rape of her daughter, the program “Windowing“He gave more details of the case.

According to the information released in the program directed by Paty Chapoy, Crespo’s 14-year-old daughter has already given her statement, where would make strong accusations against his father.

“I only have memories of my dad taking off my clothes and starting to touch my body when my mom left the house. He began to touch me through games and told me that we were playing at the spa, which consisted of me undressing and my father did it and caressing me with creams and oils, “it would be written in the complaint folder.

According to the girl’s statements, the former Garibali showed her pornographic videos, even showed her some of him having sex with his partners.

The program also detailed how the mother of the least told him about the alleged abuse of Ricardo Crespo.

“My youngest daughter came up to me to tell me that she didn’t want to go with her dad. I asked him why and he told me that since he was five years old his dad began to touch his body. And while she was growing up, the sexual assaults were increasing ”.

They reveal how Ricardo Crespo’s daughter denounced her father

Ricardo Crespo denies rape accusation

On February 15 Ricardo Crespo was arrested for the alleged rape of his daughter. However, by means of a statement, the artist declared innocent.

I totally ignore why my ex-wife and presumably my daughter have denounced the inconceivable acts, because the only trial that has been aired in our relationship is divorce, whose sentence dates from 2017 and within which (the trial), of the alleged facts that now impute me, he said nothing at the time ”.

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