Ricardo Crespo and his daughter speak after rape accusations

After last week the actor and singer Ricardo Crespo was detained for allegedly raping his sona, the artist and the young woman gave their first words.

The actor through a statement, said he was innocent and that it was all the fault of his ex-wife, who was filing the charges.

I am confined and subject to investigationn and arrested for my alleged participation in the crime of corruption of a minor to the detriment of my own daughter.

I totally don’t know why my ex-wife and presumably my daughter have denounced the inconceivable acts, since the only trial that has been aired in our relationship is divorce, the sentence of which dates back to 2017 and within which (the trial), of the alleged facts that now impute me, nothing said at the timeRicardo Crespo published in the statement.

Ricardo Crespo’s daughter talks about her father’s arrest

The teenager used her social networks to talk about the subject; and although he did not want to confirm the fact and the actions of his father, he used hastags as: ‘No more sexual abuse’, ‘You are not alone’ and ‘Do not be silent’.

‚ÄúThank you for all the support and messages on the subject from my father, I ask for caution out of respect on the subject, it is a sensitive subject. I had a hard time talking about this and I am still in the process of recovering emotionally. “

At the moment, Garibaldi’s former member is being held awaiting clarification of his legal situation. Nevertheless, The artist’s family trusts Crespo’s innocence and accuse his ex-wife of making false accusations.

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