Raquel Olmedo was intubated for COVID-19, this is how her health is reported

Known for her roles in Concierge in Condominium, The Gunslinger, When Spiders Weave Y For loving without law, actress Raquel Olmedo was intubated for COVID-19, as reported.

This was reported by the singer Lolita de la Colina through her social networks.

My great friend, Raquel Olmedo, has been admitted to a hospital in Mexico City.

Her real name is Anisia Xiomara Orama Leal. She is in intensive care intubated ”, emphasized Lolita.

The message was posted next to a video of Raquel Olmedo, when she sang When i go on stage.

However, the message was deleted, because although it had been reported as serious, Lolita de la Colina reported that her friend is recovering.

According to the singer, after being intubated, the actress Raquel Olmedo would be in better health and they assured that she is no longer intubated.

Good news, Raquel is already out of tubes, it’s a big step. Thank you all, you are my army of help. At night we will have more information ”, published a few minutes ago Lolita de la Colina.

Who is Raquel Olmedo, an actress who was intubated?

Raquel Olmedo, originally from CubaHe began his career as an opera singer, although little by little he was entering the cinema and television.

Born on December 30, 1937, the actress is currently 83 years old.

She studied at the National Conservatory of Music in Havana and at the end of the 50s she was recognized as a singer in her native land.

Naturalized as Mexican, Olmedo has been recognized for her roles in Emerald, Teresa Y The Unforgivable, among other projects.

As a singer she has the songs Half Woman, Half Seagull, You, always you, No ma’am, The strength of a voice that imposes change Y With the Soul in Leathers, among other.

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