Rafael Amaya reappears in social networks, after 3 years of absence

After three years of absence, Rafael Amaya reappears on social networks. The protagonist of “El Señor de los Cielos” published a group photograph on his Instagram account. In it, he appears with five other people, one of them is his manager Karem Guedimin and another is a production executive for Telemundo. Next to the image is the message: “Heavy artillery”.

This photograph has caused a stir for all his followers who expected the actor to return to public life. Most of them celebrated their return with messages of love and support.

“THE MERO MERO RETURNED”, said a follower

“We were all waiting for his return,” was another comment.

“How good namesake that you are already active again for insta! We look forward to your new projects brother !! Hugs from Spain!!! Arreeeeeeeeeeee !!! ”, commented another follower.

Photography has sparked speculation that the Mexican actor will probably return to the screens in a Telemundo project.

Rafael Amaya left the screens two years ago, due to addiction problems

Two years ago, Amaya completely walked away from the screens, after abandon the sixth season of the series “The Lord of the Skies.” The reason for his absence was to attend to his problems with alcohol and drug addictions.

The actor spoke in December of last year for the first time about the circumstances that led him to addictions. Also about the reason why He was admitted to a Rehabilitation Clinic, owned by boxer Julio Cesar Chavez.

“I lost my inner peace, the love I had for my family, for my work. Little by little I was immersing myself in the dark mud of alcohol and drugs, living all the excesses possible that have been and have been, ”he shared with People magazine in Spanish.

43 year old Amaya, He has been enthusiastic about the possibility of resuming his career and leaving behind the role he played in the famous narcoseries that affected him in a very profound way, according to information from infobae.

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