Queen Elizabeth turns 95: Learn the secrets of her longevity

Queen Elizabeth II turns 95. She is the longest-serving monarch in history. Despite her age, the queen continues with her duties of state, appears to be in good health and remains a cultural icon. What are its secrets?

In the book “Long Live the Queen”, the British Bryan Kozlowski shows the little-known side of the queen. He tells how he keeps up with work, how he spends his free time and his particular way of maintaining his family and professional relationships.

“Your rules for life should be recorded while we are still lucky enough to have it. It is a living example of what seems to stay vibrant under decades of enormous pressure and responsibility, ”Kozlowski told GoodHouseKeeping.

“Much of your success is based on your unique mental habits and way of thinking, about food, exercise, work and rest. That makes her the down-to-earth woman she is today, ”emphasizes the author.

Queen Elizabeth turns 95: Learn the secrets of her longevity
Image: @theroyalfamily

The longevity secrets of Queen Elizabeth of England

Never stop learning: Every day the queen receives a large red box full of papers such as parliamentary reports, intelligence documents and others. According to Kozlowski, he spends about three hours going through everything.

Has a strong sense of purpose: His father instilled in him, from an early age, a great sense of purpose. Today, this quality is part of his identity. Over the years, she has shown compassion and tenderness by supporting a number of charities and good causes. Living with a strong sense of purpose and helping others, even in small ways, is good for your health.

Queen Elizabeth turns 95: Learn the secrets of her longevity
Image: @theroyalfamily

Leave time for fun: Isabel’s life is not just about work and duty. Having fun is just as important, whether it’s spending time in the fields, hanging out with their corgis, or visiting their horse stables.

Lead an active life: Queen Elizabeth II has not followed a strict exercise regimen but is active on a daily basis. He also sticks to the activities he enjoys the most, such as walks in the palace gardens with his corgis and horseback riding.

Give priority to rest: Despite being a very hard-working woman, the queen takes time to rest and recharge. She likes to escape to Balmoral Castle where she spends time in nature and enjoys quiet moments alone. “As quaint as it may sound, part of the secret to his unflappable personality is that he takes time out for tea,” writes Kozlowski.

A glimpse into a day in the life of England’s monarch

Queen Elizabeth turns 95: Learn the secrets of her longevity
Image: @theroyalfamily

Routines and rituals are the Queen’s hallmark, according to Kozlowski. She likes:

  • Enjoy a cup of Earl Gray to wake up at 7:30 am
  • A bath before breakfast in the morning.
  • Study various newspapers at breakfast.
  • He spends his mornings in meetings and going through his red boxes.
  • Like your evening visits outside the Palace.
  • Goes to bed at 11pm
  • Before going to sleep he writes in his journal and reads a book.

According to the author, Queen Elizabeth will outlive her mother, who died at the age of 101 in 2002. “She has the willingness to adapt, which removes the insidious stress of resisting change,” she said. “That contributes to longevity and a fulfilling existence.”

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