PSG ultras insult Shakira with misogynistic blanket

Prior to the game of Champions League between PSG and Barcelona, ultras of the French team attacked Shakira; Who player Gerard Piqué’s wife with a misogynistic banner.

Getting completely into the personal sphere of the reference of the Catalan team, the Parisian fans attacked in a very offensive way against the player’s partner.

By means of a banner, which read “Shakira to La Jonquera”, the Ultras of PSG they brought out their most misogynistic side; They refer to the fact that a successful Colombian singer must be in an old and famous French brothel.

And not only PSG fans have been characterized by disrespect for the artist; already before the followers of Spanish they had taken out another poster with the legend “Shakira belongs to everyone”, as well as other groups such as those of the Real Madrid they have made demonstrations in order to annoy Piqué and to insult the popular artist.

The blanket has caused outrage in social networks, because under the hashtag #RespectShakiraRespect is requested for the Colombian, who has nothing to do with football outside of the personal relationship she has with the star of the Blaugrana team.

Despite these types of demonstrations the fan clubs involved have done nothing for denouncing, condemning and even sanctioning his followers who have insulted Shakira with misogynistic messages.

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