Priest is caught removing the mask from a devotee

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that there are more than 2.8 million official deaths in the world, there are people who continue not to believe in the Pandemic and the message is transmitted to close people.

The use of the mask has become mandatory all over the world, this, to prevent the massive spread of the disease and to take care of people from possible infections.

Once the traffic lights began to change in various areas of the world, lthe measures have begun to relax, but this does not mean that we should lower our guard, the virus is latent in the population and there could be a massive contagion in different areas.

Video: Priest is caught removing the mask from a devotee in the middle of a pandemic

But there are people who continue not to believe that the disease exists, as in the case of a priest in Honduras, who went viral for an action that few would believe he was capable of, on stage with a crowd.

Turns out that the priest went viral, this to circulate a video where he removes the mask from a devotee in front of several witnesses, some of whom did not believe in this action that they saw.

What’s more, the clergyman began to argue that the use of the mask is due to a business and that it does not help people who use this device to prevent disease.

Who is the priest who took the mask off a devotee?

The priest’s name is Rolando Peña, who last Palm Sunday officiated a mass outside a church in the municipality of Corquín, Honduras and when he saw that the woman was approaching him, he took off the mask.

“We Catholics have to take care of ourselves and let’s not lose this. They want to take all this away from us, ”he explained.

“I look at all this bullshit … Shit, go”, and then throw the mask around and not satisfied, he wanted to force another parishioner to remove the mask and set an example that the disease does not exist.

“Look how I walk. Take it off. Let’s go free; Let’s find out, ”said the curs, while addressing all the parishioners.

Despite the criticism, the priest cared little

After it went viral, priest Peña was harshly criticized by the Catholic community and he responded with a singular answer.

“We have to have confidence in God. This bullshit [cubrebocas], I use it, but this is not going to save me from cancer, anemia or any other disease. People misunderstand the things I say … If someone was affected, I apologize, but it is my way of being, “he commented in an interview.

The Diocese of the West, the body to which the Corquín temple belongs, issued a statement in which they pointed out that the priest does not have the authority to ask people not to follow sanitary measures.

What do you think of the action of this priest when removing the mask from one of his parishioners?

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