PrendeTV: What will you be able to see on this new platform?

A new streaming system was launched on Tuesday. This is PrendeTV, which will have content in Spanish and for the Latin market. The Univision network bets on a new service with channels and programming from Univision and Televisa. It will also show content from television stations such as Caracol, Globo, Cisneros, Filmrise and Nelvana.

The service was launched on Tuesday and has more than 40 channels and 10,000 hours of video on demand. It contains movies, series, reality shows, children’s programs, soap operas and sports programming. In a few weeks it would also have access to movies from Disney, Lionsgate and MGM, the network said in a statement.

How to watch PrendeTV?

PrendeTV is available on the internet or on mobile devices.

Will this new service have any cost?

PrendeTV is free to watch for users of Amazon Fire TV, Roku, iPhone, Apple TV, Android, and Android TV devices. To do this you will have to download an App to see the content.

Despite the fact that there are more and more streaming services, the company considers it to be the first service with content only in Spanish.

What can be seen on this new channel?

Some of the services offered include thematic channels of artists such as the Angelique Boyer channel or the Sebastian Rulli channel.

It also has channels on different topics such as: sports, children, Turkish soap operas, biblical stories and comedy,

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