Pixar celebrates 35th anniversary with a video that collects best moments

We have all witnessed how the company Pixar Animation Studios has marked epic moments on the big screen, there are scenes that have been stamped in our head and unforgettable moments thanks to his creativity.

OMG !!! Pixar celebrates 35th anniversary with a video that collects its best moments

Now, Pixar Animation Studios is on long tablecloths celebrating its 35th anniversary since its founding as an independent studio, taking animated cinema to another level

For this reason, The firm prepared an emotional video in which it compiles its best moments, from ‘The Adventures of André and Wally B’ in 1984, the first short made on a computer by John Lasseter or ‘Tin Toy’ in 1988, a short with which the firm made the great leap to cinema.

Pixar forever changed the way we create animated movies

Pixar definitely changed the way we saw cinema and now, it is part of the Disney portfolio.

The founders Edwin Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith, did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate in a big way on February 3, 2021, date that would mark the 35th anniversary of the studio’s creation as a film company.

Recall that PIXAR was originally going to be a branch of LucasFilm’s “The Graphics Group” that managed to captivate the attention and portfolio of Steve Jobs, who would soon become a majority investor, alongside businessman Alexander Schure, while Catmull and Smith would contribute to the firm with their creativity.

That is why Disney set its eye on the studioThey wanted to absorb it to be part of the company and put together a professional team to create content of the highest quality and it happened.

The company has been the winner of multiple awards

The company specialized in 3D was the winner of 7 Oscars from the Academy of Arts and Hollywood Motion Picture Sciences for his short films, feature films and technical achievements, as well as multiple nominations at the Golden Globes and other awards.

But, perhaps its most precious prize is the recognition of by thousands and thousands of people around the world. Without more to say, check out this emotional video that will surely bring out more than one tear:

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