Phoebe Bridgers smashes her guitar on epic ‘Saturday Night Live’ debut – Look!

A true rock star! Phoebe Bridgers brought high-energy chaos to the stage with her Saturday night live debut over the weekend.

After the singer gave her first performance of the night, singing “Kyoto” while rocking her famous skeleton ensemble, she returned later in the evening for her second set, and wowed fans.

Wearing an elaborate pearl necklace evoking images of skeletons, Bridgers delivered a beautifully muted rendition of “I Know the End.” As the song reached a climax, Bridgers and his bandmates changed gears and started really getting into the song’s punk and explosive ending.

When the song came to an end, Bridgers became a rock icon and decided to completely demolish both his electric guitar and a speaker on stage. With overhead swings, the Bridgers crashed into the side of the guitar and the top of the audio equipment as fans cheered.

The applause continued online as fans took to Twitter to praise and celebrate the wild and triumphant appearance.

Bridgers made it SNL He will debut alongside first-time host Dan Levy. At another highlight of the night, the Schitt’s cove Star received a surprise visit from her father, Eugene Levy, during her monologue.

Saturday night live airs live from coast to coast at 11:30 pm ET, 8:30 pm PT on NBC.


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