Peña Nieto reappears at a wedding in the Dominican Republic

The former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, who has tried to stay out of the spotlight since his term ended; FI was captured during a wedding in the Dominican Republic.

The Mexican politician was invited to the union of the ex-queen of Barranquilla’s carnival in 2016, Marcela García Caballero and the businessman Sergio champs, which was held in the Caribbean country.

Peña Nieto appeared in several social media posts of the guests, where he was seen in the middle of dinner or enjoying the party; in which photos were taken with several of the attendees.

“The former guest president is nothing more and nothing less than that of Mexico #CasiNadie,” he wrote Camus Garcia Caballero, who is the bride’s brother.

The last time something about the former president appeared on social media, was when on January 1 his daughter, Paulina Pena, uploaded a post with his children and his partner Tania Ruiz, celebrating the arrival of 2021.

And is that the ex-president has sought to have a private life. He even appears in other people’s posts most of the time, as he tries to keep his life private.

According to the magazine Process, Peña Nieto lives in Paseo de los Lagos in Madrid; living most of the time alone, being visited by his girlfriend from time to time.

There are currently several investigations into his presidential administration, and although the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) It keeps him in his sights, there is no arrest warrant against him.

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