Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will be on HBO’s “The Last of Us”

Variety confirmed that the actors Pedro Pascal Y Bella Ramsey They will lead the cast of “The Last of Us”, the new HBO series.

Pedro Pascal, who is also in the news for supporting her transgender sister, will be the protagonist of the series based on the video game adaptation “The Last of Us.”

For its part, Bella Ramsey She is remembered by fans of “Game of Thrones,” the HBO series in which she played Lyanna Mormont. Likewise, Pascal also participated in the adaptation of the books by George RR Martin, with the role of Oberyn Martell.

Pascal amasses a series of participations in successful productions such as “Narcos “, “The Mandalorian “ Y “Wonder Woman 1984 ″.

For its part, Neil Druckmann, writer and creative director of “The Last of Us,” confirmed the news on February 10 by tweeting the phrase And there is the other half. Happy to have Pedro on board for our show!

He also made statements on Twitter regarding the inclusion of Ramsey in the cast: We are absolutely delighted that Bella is joining the TLoU family! [“The Last of Us”]!.

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