Pedro Infante was a pedophile? They remember their romances with minors

Although Pedro Infante is remembered for his films, it has recently been emphasized that the actor had relationships with girls of 13 and 14 years, so the question arises as to whether he was a pedophile.

It is no secret that his figure is linked to the stereotype of the womanizing man and, although in his time it was considered something positive (1917-1957) today the reality is different.

Although María Luisa León was the wife of Pedro Infante, the actor from Tizoc Y When the Brave Cry, He had relationships outside of marriage and even that was the reason for their separation.

The singer began dating Lupita Torrantera, who worked as a dancer at the Follies Bergere theater and I was 14 when Pedro Infante began to pretend her.

Lupita Torrantera had three children of Pedro Infante, the first of them when she was 16 years old Y the actor was already in his 30s years.

But Pedro Infante’s infidelities and flirtations with other women did not stop, so his relationship with Lupita Torrantera ended.

In 1948, during the filming of Los Tres Huastecos, still in a relationship with Torrantera, Pedro Infante met Irma Dorantes, who was 13 years old at the time, while the actor was 31 years old.

It was Irma Dorantes herself who told Lupita that she had been with the father of her children, after discovering that he was married.

Pedro Infante had a daughter with Irma Dorantes, when she was a minor.

Even though Lupita Torrantera and Irma Dporantes gave their consent, The law classifies the events as equal crimes, so Pedro Infante was a pedophile, since he had committed child sexual abuse and pedophilia.

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