Paulina Porizkova reveals how modeling taught her to be ashamed of her legs

After surprising on the cover of Vogue Czech Republic, Paulina Porizkova, makes strong revelations. The 56-year-old model uploaded a photo on Instagram where she says the model taught her to be ashamed of her legs. In the daring images Porizkova poses in only lace underwear, transparent socks and stilettos.

The model publishes these photos a day after she showed her photo shoot for Vogue Czech Republic. In the photo the supermodel shows her legs while strategically covering her bare breasts with her arms. Also share the following message:

“All my life as a model, I’ve been vaguely ashamed of my legs,” she writes.

“Of course, it was always pointed out to me that my legs weren’t perfect. Cherub knees (if you focus only on the kneecap, you can see a cherub’s face) instead of the socially required bony ones. My thighs are slightly wider than my hips (they look terrible in shorts!) And the length is not particularly advantageous compared to my torso length. Don’t call Paulina to a pantyhose commercial, ”she reveals.

Paulina explains in her social networks that critical comments like these are common in the modeling industry. She also says that this is something she has been dealing with for decades.

Paulina Porizkova tells how by being a model, she was always subjected to criticism

“Look, this is what happens when you are a model. Every particle of ti is dissected and inspected and compared with others, ”he noted. Of course you start to do it yourself. Your work depends on it. And of course you will always fall short, ”says the supermodel.

But at 56, Porizkova is ready to finally accept her legs, although they are far from her favorite part.

“I can’t even say I like them, I just accept them as my own and I’m happy with the way they work,” he said. And then I see a photo of me like this from @marietomanova in the number of @vogueczechoslovakia, and I think, damn it. What the hell am I thinking? There is nothing wrong with my legs ”.

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