Paty Navidad ‘assures’ that the vaccine against COVID-19 will make us Zombies

Laboratories and research centers continue in the race to create an effective vaccine against COVID-19, which could save millions of lives in the world if it can be manufactured on a massive scale.

Although there are more than 1.45 million deaths in the world from this disease, some still do not believe that the disease exists and they even think that it is a worldwide conspiracy against the inhabitants of this planet.

Paty Navidad ‘assures’ that the vaccine against COVID-19 will make us Zombies

One of these people is the actress Paty Navidad, who after stating a few weeks ago that Joe Biden’s victory was not legal in the US presidential elections, now said that the vaccine was invented by the new world order to keep the population in check.

The actress and host exposed on social networks to the population about the vaccine against COVID-19 and ensures that we will return to zombies, in addition to being a method to keep us watched and controlled.

According to Paty Navidad, once we get vaccinated, we will be a kind of zombies without our own will and we will suffer physical and neurological deterioration, just like that.

Further, indicated that vaccines against COVID-19 develop very quickly, for the same reason they are not conventional and their effectiveness would not be the same.

“Its design aims to manipulate its own biology, hence the potential to alter the biology of the entire human race,” added Paty on Twitter.

The vaccine, in patent process

On the other hand, The COVID-19 vaccine is almost a reality, according to Hugo LΓ³pez-Gatell, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer delivered the paperwork to the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS), who must analyze whether the vaccine can receive the corresponding health registry.

If this happens, It will be in January when they begin to apply the vaccines among the Mexican population, and it will be available first to high-risk people and then to the rest of the population.

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