Paty Manterola denies romance with Luis Miguel in the 90s

Luis Miguel’s series hinted at part of the romances that El Sol had during his teenage life into his 20s, but some of these were practically unknown and El Sol wanted to portray them in the second season.

Now that the third chapter of the Luis Miguel Series, there was a character who made a stir and it is that of Paola Montero, which in real life could be Patricia manterola, but some situations in the series are fiction.

What things! Paty Manterola denies romance with Luis Miguel in the 90s

That’s right, after this character named Paola Montero, the former Garibaldi jumped immediately and already expressed herself for this controversial role, where denies having had an alleged affair with Luis Miguel in the 1990s.

Manterola used her social networks to dissociate herself from anything that relates her to Luis Miguel, but she also recognized that the character that appears in the second season of the series is very similar to her.

“I have always been a woman away from scandals, respectful and transparent, so for those who have asked me; Luis Miguel’s series alludes to a woman who sang ‘Everybody loves banana’ and wore a wardrobe almost identical to one I used in the group. Like many, I automatically thought of Garibaldi, ”Manterola said on social media.

Was there no relationship between Paty Manterola and Luis Miguel?

Although they look alike Manterola says he does not have a romantic passage with Luis Miguel in their life, so most of it they portray is fiction.

“If they (the production) are making any allusion to me, it differs completely with the quality of woman that I have always been and with the private history that I lived in those years with the people who were present in my life,” he explained.

“Quite the opposite of how the series puts it, and in case there were any doubts, I want to make it very clear that I was never with him (Luis Miguel) in a recording studio, nor did I see him in Viña del Mar, nor did I I went to party with him at the Bar Bar, I don’t smoke, I had no history with Cristian Castro and I never spoke with him about not attending his daughter’s birthday, which I think is extremely strong, insensitive and unfortunate, “explained the singer.

The ex-Garibaldi will reveal her version one day

On the other hand, Manterola said that one day he will tell how he met Luis Miguel and if there was any rapprochement with the Mexican-Puerto Rican singer at some point in his life.

“For the woman of integrity that I am, I do not know if one day I will share my version of everything related to this issue and if it is worth it, since those who know me know perfectly who I really am,” he explained.

“But what I am sure of is that I will always raise my voice for so many women who, like me, deserve respect,” she said.